What is a Moon Rock?

Moon rocks are a style of cannabis that shouldn’t be underestimated. They were created for connoisseurs searching for a way to elevate their smoking experience. Unless you consume concentrated cannabis on the regular, smoking some moon rocks is guaranteed to be a trip. You’ll need water, snacks and good vibes around if you’re attempting them for the first time.

The potency and quality of your moon rock can depend upon the materials used to create them. Some shady suppliers may hide their worst buds and low-quality oil underneath kief. If you’re not close to any reliable producers of moon rocks, you will be better off and happier by learning to create your own.

How to Create Moon Rocks?

Besides smoking it, creating a moon rock is the fun part. It’s the most effective way to combine one of your favourite flowers and flavourful extracts with the large stash of kief that you’ve been saving just for this moment. Since you’re creating it yourself, you’ll be able to alter the potency by selecting stronger or weaker flowers, oils and kief.

Moon rocks tend to be a product solely connoisseurs search out. As a result, most of the people creating moon rocks are going to get the potency, flavour and quality as high as possible. If this is often the case for you, you’ll wish to use freshly cured premium-quality indoor flowers. You’ll additionally want clean, potent extracts like live resin or flower rosin. As for the kief, a full melt dry sift or bubble hash is the best highest-quality product you’ll be able to coat a moon rock in.

If you would like the potency to be somewhere in between, you’ll be able to use high CBD strains, concentrates or add isolated CBD powder in the place of kief to assist balancing out the psychoactive effects of the THC in the oil and flower.

What You’ll need to create Moon Rocks:

  • fresh Whole Nugs
  • Concentrate
  • Kief
  • table knife
  • silicone Gloves or pair of tongs
  1. Start by grabbing a new whole nug that isn’t dry and won’t easily fall apart while being handled. Have your kief in a jar set aside for the end.
  2. Next, you’ll want to put a good quantity of your favourite concentrate on the table knife. If it is a consistency that won’t easily stick to buds like shatter or crumble, using heat to loosen things up.
  3. Run a lighter back and forth on the underside of the knife with the concentrates on top. Don’t apply enough heat to cause vaporization. If you smell something burning, pull the lighter away. you made it too hot.
  4. Once the oil is melted, use silicone gloves or pair of tongs to grab the bud. Then spread the oil on the nugs until they’re coated all around.
  5. Finally, take an oil-soaked bud and dunk it inside the jar of kief until they’re powdered all around. If you can hardly see what your bud and oil look like anymore, you can move onto the next nug until they’re all done.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks?

Now that you know how to form a moon rock, it’s time to find out how to smoke one. Like we warned earlier, they’re one of the foremost potent types of cannabis you’ll smoke. As a result, you’ll want to be a cannabis veteran or prepared for a extremely intense high.

Breaking it Down

Before getting started, take care to remain hydrated and make sure you’ve got food in your belly. Finally, take care to smoke somewhere you can sit and chill free of judgment and responsibilities. If you happen to get too high, simply remember no one has ever died from it and you ought to just sleep it off.

When it comes to the actual act of smoking, you can’t treat a moon rock like you would with flowers. don’t use a grinder. putting it through a grinder is certain to cause stickiness to the point where it can’t be turned. not to mention, you’ll be losing a bunch of the kief and oil on your nugs to the teeth of the grinder. Tear every moon rock into smaller, easier to smoke pieces before smoking.

Grinders aren’t the only essential a part of a cannabis smokers kit that you’re better off not using. Rolling papers may also be a disaster as a result of all of the oil and kief make it hard to light. moreover, the oils will mix with resins to block air flow in the joint or blunt. If the joint is hardly pulling, you’ll be forced to watch all of your kief, oil and flowers burn away while not being properly enjoyed.

Keeping it Lit

If you’re a strict joint or blunt smoker, you’ll use moon rocks to enhance the experience. combine some moon rock into any ground up weed to help make it smoke to the end.

For a simpler way to relish moon rocks without interruption, we tend to suggest smoking them in glass like a bowl or bong with a lighter. Once you’ve got the moon rock chopped into smaller pieces, you’ll be able to load them into a bowl piece. If you’ve never tried a moon rock, prepare yourself for the strongest bong rip or bowl hit of your life.

Moon Rocks are Everything

 Moon rocks offer an inventive way to enjoy all the various products that come from cannabis at once. best of all, you don’t have to take away the classic component of smoking such as you do with dabbing. Sharing a moon rock joint or bowl may be a good way to create sure everybody gets high. whether or not they have a high tolerance. If you smoke the same way each day and you’ve been searching for something just like your first time, elevate your life by trying moon rocks.