How to find your golden cannabis ratio?

Not all cannabis products are grown equal, Whilst all cannabis has both mental and physical benefits, all cannabis have different cannabinoid chemical make up. The importance of selecting the right strain, product and method of consumption for you comes down to the cannabis ratio.

The ratio refers to the concentration of active ingredients (CBD and THC) that are infused into the product, whether it’s herbal, tincture, patches, oils, edibles, etc. For example, a cannabis oil with a 1:1 ratio has equal parts CBD and THC, while a 1:3 ratio marks a product with three times as much THC than CBD and will have a higher psychoactive effect known as a high.

The ratio helps you get the most out of your cannabis — are you embarking on using cannabis as a medical treatment or engaging in recreational consumption. Because the two most common cannabinoid ingredients have vastly different properties, and can influence how the other is expressed when they’re together, its important to know what you are after.

For example: if you want to treat cancer CBD oil is not what you will need, it has other benefits but You need THC rich oil from a plant that has a ratio of 1:1 (CBD:THC).

So, Which Cannabis Ratio Should You Buy?

As a rule, the higher the CBD cannabinoid content the less psychoactive the cannabis is. This is because the powerful psychoactive properties of THC are a small percentage. Strains that are 20:1 or 25:1, for example, contain so much CBD, in relation to THC, that they’re considered non-psychoactive. However, laws vary depending on country and state.

High-CBD products are ideal for treating the inflammation of auto-immune disorders and these also make up the arsenal of cannabis strains used in anti-tremor medications that treat epilepsy. CBD-dominant products can also help treat mood disorders. It was recently reported that patients suffering from common conditions like Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder and Seasonal Affective Disorder can have their spirits buoyed by CBD-dominant products.

On the other hand, High THC ratio are used for their psychoactive and euphoric effects, these can help with pain relief, Muscle Spasms with Multiple Sclerosis. More information can be found at

The 1:1 Ratio is The Most Common Place To Start

Strains of a 1:1 ratio have their own special properties and are a great place to begin for new consumers, and a time-tested staple of many cannabis users’ consumption. These products provide relaxation, with a slight feeling of euphoria. The side effects are minimal (think the munchies) and are generally benign enough to avoid THC-induced paranoia.

The 1:1 ratio is, as that number implies, a balanced product. The CBD counteracts the THC with enough force to keep the experience nice and mellow while allowing users to experience the medicinal benefits of both cannabinoids.

Many researchers believe that CBD and THC work best in tandem thanks to processes that we don’t quite understand yet. The pharmaceutical medication Sativex is based on this 1:1 cannabis ratio, and it has been shown to give effective pain relief for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and act as an effective replacement for opioids. When selecting a product with a 1:1 ratio, it’s important to also look at the absolute levels of THC and CBD. In many cases, a higher amount doesn’t lead to greater benefits, so start low.

What About High THC Cannabis Ratios? 

Strains with a higher second number have a greater concentration of THC, which means they have a greater psychoactive effect. For recreational users, this means a “high” feeling and cerebral effects. 

THC-heavy products without CBD, cannabis ratios such as 0:1, are used primarily for their appetite-inducing and pain killing properties. These strains are high in psychoactive effects, and are sometimes used by recreational users who value a good high. The side effects can include anxiety and paranoia in certain users.

Most THC-heavy products include at least a bit of CBD in order to curb psychoactive effects. Products with ratios such as 1:3 can provide pain relief and stress relief while also tapping into the anti-inflammatory powers of CBD. This strain ratio is also a good option for people who want to move past a 1:1 cannabis ratio into more serious pain relief.

These ratios also have product strong anti-tumour effects, according to the latest research. Powerful and potent doses of THC have been shown to reduce tumours and slow the growth and spread of cancer.

In the UK, skunk, cheese, haze and other high THC strains are very common on the street, sort after for their high THC contents, you can expect to pay premium for higher THC.

The CBD:THC ratio truly is golden. It’s the best and easiest way to categorize the benefits of cannabis. If only all medicine were that simple.